Vortex- Large
Vortex- Large

Vortex- Large

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Hematite Beaded Bracelets With Swarovski Crystals, Swarovski Pearls and Glass Beads. This classic and sleek design goes perfectly with any outfit. 

Vortex bracelet -large- ( 12mm circle bead containing 6mm crystal or pearl)

Colors: Pictured from top to bottom on Vortex (Large)

-Disco Milk (Swarovski)
-Strawberry Fizz (Swarovski)
-Sea Gem (Swarovski)
-Sleek Onyx (Glass Bead)
-June (Swarovski Pearl)
-Clear Rainbow (Swarovski)
-Ivoree (Swarovski Pearl)
-Lilac (Swarovski)
-Pixie Wing (Glass Bead)

Pictured on wrist from left to right:

  • -Electric Blue (Small) (Swarovski)
  • -Silver Star (Small) (Swarovski)
  • -Sea Gem (Large) (Swarovski)
  • -Lilac (Large) (Swarovski)
  • -Strawberry Fizz (Large) (Swarovski)