I remember being called out in front of my entire third grade class by my teacher telling me that I wore too much jewelry and it distracted me. She was right, I would sit there in my desk and fiddle with my stacks of bracelets and dink with my numerous rings. This embarrassing experience did not divert me from draping myself in jewels going forward, but pointed out the fact that I was obsessed with jewelry. I then made it a point to pick up a new ring, bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings on family vacations so I could later wear the new treasure and always remember the trip with my family. As the years went on I would continue to collect jewelry as well as pick up a special piece whenever I did any traveling. Today I can look back on my collection and remember where and when I purchased a specific ring or bracelet and fondly remember these times of my life.

Jewelry to me is an absolute requirement to my everyday wardrobe, a personal fashion statement as well as a joy to collect and create. I would love to help add to your collection with my handmade pieces.

Apart from jewelry, I love coffee, spending time outside, fashion and beauty, travel, fitness and being a hard core foodie!

When you purchase Elaina Michelle Designs pieces, 10% of the sale will go towards charitable causes. You will be able to choose from 3 world renowned organizations for the donation to go to. To learn more about these charities click here

~Elaina Michelle